Can bamboo furniture be left outside?

Usually, we leave no furniture outside. In some circumstances (especially in summers or on special occasions), we have to leave our furniture outside. When it comes to leaving bamboo furniture outside, you should avoid doing this. If you do it by mistake, you need to take proper care of your bamboo furniture pieces, such as tables, chairs, and stools.


Here are a few things that you should do with your bamboo furniture when you have to leave it outside:


Minimize water exposure

Water is a prominent enemy for your wooden furniture items. Bamboo is resistant to water. However, you need to reduce water exposure to your bamboo furniture as much as you can.


Remove dirt and dust

You shouldn’t leave your bamboo furniture pieces outside. If you have to do it for any reason, you must get rid of the dirt/dust its surface has got collected. Use a clean cloth piece to wipe out the dirt and dust. You can use a soft brush to get access to the area where you can’t reach using a cloth piece. To have a complete dust removal, you can use a vacuum cleaner on your bamboo furniture.


Clean as a spill falls on your bamboo-made furniture piece

Any type of spills is bad for your bamboo furniture items. Leaving the spills for a more extended period on your furniture pieces can be harmful to them. Those spills can get converted into stains that will make the look of your bamboo furniture bad/odd for your entire home. So, you should clean them as they fall down on your bamboo furniture items.


Be more careful while using/leaving furniture outside

When you have to use or leave your bamboo furniture pieces outdoors, don’t forget to use an outdoor sealant to your furniture pieces before taking them out. Try to place them in the shade, but not in the direct sun. Ensure that rain or water sprinklers will not have direct contact with your bamboo-made furniture items. Further, ensure that you have placed a weatherproof cushion on chairs and tables.


Get rid of stains

Stains, if left untreated, can lead your furniture pieces to have structural damages. Try not to have stains on your bamboo furniture and get rid of the same if you notice stains on your bamboo-made furniture pieces. Make a mix of warm water and liquid, mild soap. Dip a sponge into this soapy water and rub it on the furniture against the stains. Keep rubbing until you completely remove the stain. After that, use a clean cloth piece to dry the part.


Oil it

Do you want to maintain the luster of bamboo for a more extended period? Rub your furniture pieces with furniture or linseed oil every one or two months. Very low humidity can make your bamboo furniture have structural damages. By oiling regularly with linseed or furniture oil, you can protect your furniture pieces from being cracked.


Fix the damage

Any mishandling to your bamboo furniture can make it have structural damages, such as a hole. You must get rid of this, as you notice it. Sand the affected part and fill it with a wooden powder. After that, seal that part with smooth paste wax.



You should not intentionally leave your bamboo furniture outside. If you do this, you need to be very careful while placing them out and take proper care after taking them back inside your home. From general cleaning to fixing the damages and avoiding water exposure, you should take every possible effort for proper care and maintenance of your bamboo furniture.

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