Where To Buy Earth Friendly Products

According to a 2017 study done by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an American produces approximately 4.5 pounds of waste every day, around 267 million tons of waste a year. According to this data, we human beings need to be mindful of our earth and environment.


For starters we need to look for and use environmental and earth-friendly products when purchasing disposable or single-use items. There is a large market where we are surrounded by many options for house products, ranging from furniture to bed sheet sets and dish soaps. You can find “green” icon labels printed on their packaging that identifies these eco-friendly products.


Perhaps you are new to making this beneficial choice and now that you are among the health and environment-conscious people you don’t know where to begin. It is easier than you think to shop for earth-friendly products from the eco shops in your area or on the Internet.


To assist you on this journey, this write-up will offer you a few eco shops ideas to help get you started:



Bambusi is an e-commerce store that sells bamboo-made products with the aim to save the trees on earth. They offer quality products that help you elevate the common areas or decorate an individual room of your home. The staff comprehends your needs and will assist you to purchase useful and attractive pieces to complement your home. All of their products are made out of eco-friendly products like bamboo, fast-growing grass which are better material to promote sustainable living.


Products - Bamboo-made items for the kitchen and bathroom, such as spoons, chopping boards, drawer organizers, tea boxes, coffee organizers, shower tools, seats, and caddy trays for bathtub.


Eco Roots

Founded by a couple, Eco Roots is an e-shop that practices a low-waste lifestyle focus including being a source that sells goods with plastic-free packaging from shipping to delivery to your door.This company aims to support people to live an eco-friendly lifestyle as well as spread awareness regarding the impact of and promote the reduction of using single-use products or purchasing only eco-friendly single-use products all to benefit the earth.


Products - Included is items that are suited for the kitchen, dental care, bath & beauty, daily usable, and totes.


Package Free Shop

A one-stop online shop with zero waste, Package Free Shop helps you minimize your waste while conveniently finding eco-friendly single-use products online. Here you can select the brands that base their manufacturing practices for the purpose of saving the environment and the earth. They strictly adhere to packaging policies to minimize waste as much as possible.


Products - Sell products in the areas of beauty, wellness, kids, lifestyle, and daily uses.



Eartheasy is an EPA WaterSense partner that focuses on how to lower carbon footprint in the atmosphere and follows low impact production methods. This shop is determined to assist you in transforming your home and garden. Apart from selling zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle products and home goods, Eartheasy also offers eco-friendly products that help you in your lawn care, camping, gardening, off-grid preparedness, and composting.


Products - You can find items relating to travel, home, garden, off-grid living, well, gifts, kids, and adventure.


Earth Hero

An online marketplace for those who are serious about the earth and want to live a sustainable lifestyle. Being focused on saving the earth, Earth Hero aims to help consumers minimize trash by offering products from their huge inventory of zero waste products. At this store, you will only find items that are organic, recycled, vegan, etc.


Products - You can buy products in categories of apparel, beauty, outdoor, pets, kids, tech, and accessories.



Sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is today’s demand, in order to protect this planet and the atmosphere around it. The use of earth-friendly products can help you a lot in this regard. You can purchase sustainable, single-use products from any one of your favorite e-stores. Shop natural and organic goods for a better future.

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