Is Bamboo Good for Cutting Boards?

Yes, it is. Bamboo is an excellent material for cutting boards, as it is better than any other material (plastic, wood, and glass) and offers numerous benefits. Having a look at the advantages of using bamboo will make it clear why bamboo is ideal to use as cutting boards. The benefits are as follows:


Low maintenance

The selection of a material has always been a crucial part of choosing a great cutting board. Conventionally, people bought cutting boards made of dense wood pieces of walnut, maple, porous, red oak, and cherry. These dense wood pieces are vital, as they keep the water out, preventing the growth of bacteria and germs. Even though these are high-quality wood pieces, they require frequent maintenance.


On the other hand, bamboo cutting boards are maintenance-free. They are water and moisture resistant. Consequently, they don’t easily get cracked or warped. If you don’t put them in dishwashers, your bamboo cutting boards will remain in good shape for a more extended period.



Bamboo is hard grass, which makes it a harder material in comparison with wood as a choice for cutting boards. It has more tensile strength that makes it harder than steel. Buying a bamboo cutting board means you are going to use it for years with proper cleaning and care. As bamboo is a dense material, you need to sharpen your knives regularly if you chiefly use your bamboo-made board for best cutting experience/results.


Environment friendly

Bamboo is eco-friendly. It re-grows fast and takes only 3-5 years to be ready for cultivation, when oak, maple, cherry, and walnut take more than 20 years to be ready for cultivation. Bamboo doesn’t need repeated plantation while trees like oak and maple do require it for regrowth. Without plantation, you won’t have wood pieces from these trees. Further, bamboo leaves more oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide in and from the atmosphere.



Bamboo is a harder material, and its hardness keeps it in shape and resists scrapes and cuts. No cut or scrape means there will be no bacteria or microbes. It means using a bamboo cutting board for food preparation is healthy and hygienic.


Great look

Many chefs like bamboo cutting boards because they have a natural look, lighter in weight, and elegance. In the contemporary world, you can hope to have designer bamboo cutting boards with a chick, and a tasteful look of your stylish kitchen. With a little care every day, your bamboo cutting board will continue to look sleek and smooth for a more extended period.



Bamboo is flexible. It goes shape into back when you bend it. Bending doesn’t cause the product to have any structural damages. You can count on your bamboo cutting board keeping its shape, if you take proper care of it and don’t put it in a dishwasher.



Bamboo is a superior material for cutting boards, as it is durable, environment-friendly, ductile, and antibacterial. Further, it requires low maintenance and bamboo-made products look great in appearance.

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