Is bamboo furniture waterproof?

Furniture isn’t something that you prefer to flip monthly, quarterly, or even yearly. Maybe you wish to modify them with trends but you will not likely change them up in a shorter span of time.


Bamboo is the only tree that grows exactly straight and has knuckles. It is used to craft beautiful furniture. They are somewhat taken as unique furniture to be decorated at home. One needs to be cautious enough when taking care of bamboo furniture.


Before buying bamboo furniture, you may be asking a few questions in your mind. For example, how to take care of it? Is bamboo furniture waterproof? Will it be cost-effective furniture? And many more. You should not worry about these things.


The water-resistance capacity of bamboo furniture keeps you in a dilemma wondering if you should go for it or not. Here are a few reasons that may assure you to consider purchasing bamboo furniture for your place as the best decision you can make:


  • The durability of bamboo and its product use is beyond the imagination. It is a multi-purpose material that can be used to sharpen knives, make furniture, etc.
  • Bamboo furniture is non-shrinkable and non-swelling, unlike other hardwoods. With due care, the weather conditions cannot impact them.
  • The strength of bamboo furniture is far more than that of steel or any other furniture. After crafting and laminating, the furniture’s strength will be enhanced.


To keep the bamboo furniture safe from damage, here are tips to handle them with care:


  • Clean the furniture every day with a normal dry cloth to keep it dust and debris free.
  • For cleaning bamboo furniture, always use water and add 2-3 spoons of ammonia and soap solution. Afterwards wipe the furniture again with a dry piece of cloth. Do not allow the furniture to sit with moisture on the surface.
  • The bamboo furniture that is inside the home needs less care as compared to the ones which are placed outside.
  • To keep your bamboo furniture shining like new, periodically apply linseed oil or any other furniture oil to promote the elongated life of the furniture.
  • If the bamboo furniture is placed outside, do not keep the furniture in a shed or in the moist area or it will show signs of mold. Also, protect the furniture during changing weather conditions like drizzling, prolong humidity, etc.


Also, while the furniture is not kept inside and it can become damaged due to rain or water spillover.  Follow this process to take care of your furniture:


  • Clean it with water and mild soap solution
  • To restore the cracks, rub the area with a grit sandpaper
  • After the surface feels smooth, apply paste wax 
  • Rub the area again to restore its previous color and shine


Furniture made with bamboo is water-resistant, not waterproof, so some amount of water left sitting on the surface can damage the bamboo. Try not to sit on the watery surface of the furniture, otherwise, it will loosen the binding and can damage it further.


Though with due care, the furniture can be used for a longer time. It is always said that it is important to give an optimum amount of care to everything that is associated with your life. In the same way, give proper attention to the furniture of your home and handle them all with care.

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