How to organize and protect your knives with knife holder

From childhood, we are told to be careful with sharp things. Now it’s time to put that knowledge into practice by using knife holders. Knives were invented 2.5 million years ago and their purpose has not changed until now. Knife holders are the best way to organize these sharp objects as well as to protect them as well as us.


They come in various forms and sizes depending upon the purpose of the knife. Here are some common kitchen knives:


  1. Chef’s Knife- an easy way to dice up the meats and vegetables effortlessly.
  2. Paring Knife- cuts detailed work such as deveining seafood and cutting something into julienne.
  3. Cleaver- a larger knife that helps in chopping big chunks of meat.
  4. Chopping knife- As the name suggests, this knife helps in mincing the meat and vegetables very finely.
  5. Peeling knife- it helps to peel off the outer skin of vegetables and fruits.


The above-mentioned knives are just five out of many. To put them into a proper place and to keep them safe, a knife holder is an ultimate answer to the problem of scattered knives in your kitchen drawer. Here are the few characteristics of a knife holder.


A simple way to organize

Being stored In one place, you can easily find your knife of choice from your collection. You don’t have to scramble around your kitchen trying to find the right knife to do something innovative with your food.



Knife holders are custom designed to fit the different types of knives from small to big, narrow to wide, a holder that accommodates most standard knives.



They are not just for the home kitchens, but also for any food preparation business, with a kitchen.


A knife holder can hold any knife that comes in handles made from different materials, for example, wood, bamboo, and metal. Some knife holders include a niche for peelers, knife sharpeners, and scissors to complete the set.


Pair it with other organizers in the kitchen

When choosing a knife holder keep in mind the material that the other organizers (drawers, shelves, and spoon holders) in the kitchen are constructed. If everything is made of bamboo, then buy a bamboo knife holder. If you want to mismatch, buy white to go with the other color in the kitchen. It is always safe to buy the black one if you are not sure about the rest of the things in your kitchen.


There are various features you should consider before buying a knife holder. Some of them are:


  • Make sure the chosen space given will accommodate all of the knives you want to store. Pay attention to the depth as well.
  • The knife holder should be made from strong material otherwise it will probably fall apart, which is very dangerous. It should also be a weight bearer.
  • Sometimes there are attachment options available if you want to adjust according to your preference.


There are various things you want to look out for depending on your preferences. Knife blocks and sheath are the most common way to store your knife. They prove to accommodate different kinds of knives.


Knife holders are not only a traditional way to store knives, they are also very helpful in keeping them safely organized in the kitchen.

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