Can bamboo furniture be refinished?

Yes, it can be. Bamboo furniture can be refinished.


Bamboo furniture gives a versatile look for interior or exterior decor. Just like other furniture pieces, your bamboo furniture requires proper care regularly. With proper care and maintenance, you can protect it from the harms caused by indoor dry heat and outdoor extreme weather conditions. You can refinish or get back the previous look of your bamboo furniture if it gets an odd look or mild structural damages.  


Refinishing is an excellent idea to restore your bamboo furniture. And for this, you need to clean/wash, sand, and paint/stain your furniture pieces made of bamboo. Have a close look at all the three steps for refinishing your bamboo furniture:


Clean/wash your bamboo furniture thoroughly

It is certain that you will be taking general care of your bamboo-made furniture pieces, such as chairs, tables, and stools. However, you need to pay the utmost attention to cleaning and washing so that you can keep using your bamboo furniture for a more extended period.


For general cleaning, you can use a soft, clean cloth piece to remove the collected dirt and dust. If you find it hard to reach the extreme corner or part of your bamboo furniture for cleaning, you can use a soft brush for dusting. Do not hesitate to use a vacuum cleaner if you think using a cloth piece or brush is not sufficient for the complete removal of dirt and dust from your bamboo furniture surfaces.


For removing stains or molds, you need to do heavy cleaning and washing of your bamboo furniture piece. Make a mix of warm water and mild detergent/soap. Soak a cloth piece or brush in this soapy water and rub it against the stains or molds on your bamboo chairs/tables. Rub until you get rid of the stains/molds. Rinse the furniture piece with fresh water and let it dry naturally.


Sand your furniture piece

You should strip and sand your bamboo furniture piece to make your refinishing work better. Use a rag to wipe the surface of your bamboo table/chair. After that, you can run a vacuum cleaner to get rid of loose debris. Use a putty knife or wire brush to remove the tough dust or stain. You can use a toothbrush to reach tight spaces.


Due to maximum sun exposure, your bamboo furniture will have a grayish appearance. If there is something different from grayish appearance, start sanding your bamboo table/chair. You can start sanding with the 100-grit sandpaper and you may want to go for the 200-grit sandpaper for better sanding. You have to clean the sand after sanding with the sandpaper of 100, 120, 140, and 200 grits. Give a final cleaning with the use of a damp rag and let your furniture piece dry naturally.



Before you start painting your bamboo chair or table, you should leave a thin layer of primer on it. You can use a sprayer for priming your bamboo furniture. Use a paintbrush to paint your furniture piece if it has a flat surface. For other surfaces, utilize a sprayer to paint your bamboo furniture pieces. Try to paint at least two times for a better result.



The refinishing of bamboo furniture helps you to restore its look and shine that it had in the early days. For the perfect refinishing, you need to follow the process, which requires you clean, sand, and paint your bamboo furniture. After refinishing, you will use it for a more extended period.

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