Bambusi Gift Card

Bambusi Gift Card

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Customize to Who and When to send via email post purchase.

Let the person you are treating choose the glamorous Bambusi thing he or she likes most.


Gift cards are always the safe way to go when getting a gift. Whether you’re unsure which product will talk to the person you’re gifting or because you think they will love getting a fun animation gift e-card in their inbox, gift cards are winners.

A Bambusi gift card gives someone who deserves it a choice of unique goodies with chic design that will upgrade any room, table or experience. 

Not sure which amount to choose? Since a lot of our customers’ orders run at $50, we know that a $50 gift card makes a beautiful gift.

How It Works

This is how to order your gift card.

  1. You choose an amount.
  2. Click on customize to select which design and message you want.
  3. Click on preview to see how it will look when the recipient receives it.
  4. Add to cart and checkout
  5. Only after placing your order will you be asked for the recipient’s email and time for delivery for maximum privacy and security.
  6. You will also choose when you want to send the gift card. It could be right away, or it can be any time within the next 365 days. Not only dates can be chosen, but times as well. Gift cards can be sent on the quarter hour (:00, :15, :30 or :45) in any time zone
  7. The app will send the card to the person you are gifting on the date and time you selected along with your personal note.

All our items are sent with a Gift Receipt


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